The many positive reviews that we regularly receive show us how satisfied our customers are with our tracking and services. On this page we present some of the more than 100 companies with which we have successfully worked since 2017.


Our shop has a complex setup with some external domains. Ads tracking worked great with Google Tag Manager and Analytics 4. The support also helped us a lot with cross-domain tracking.

Anne Spies

Investor Relations Manager, Hornbach

This is an analytics powerhouse of a service. Amazing people who deliver everything. The best investment we've made in understanding how our businesses are performing.

jessica doe

it department, Airport Zurich AG


These guys are the real deal; We had provided everything to fix our Google Analytics tracking issues with our Shopify store but nothing worked. Not only did they fix GA tracking, they also set up GA4. Just unbelievable.

Mathias Tier

marketing, Starbucks

Larissa FrickeLarissa Fricke
09:49 08Apr 22
good company Very knowledgeable and very experienced in web analytics and online marketing data. Highly Recommended!
Aleyna Kzlaleyna kzl
09:21 04 Apr 22
All of our tracking problems have now been permanently fixed. Professional service and highly recommended!
Regina RadishRegina Radish
12:20 04 Feb 22
It worked great, thank you very much, I am very satisfied
René OstertagRené Ostertag
18:05 31 Jan 22
I can only recommend Mega Service to those who have problems with Facebook tracking
Joel IrnigerJoel Irniger
14:18 18 Jan 22
I now use the service at 3 shops. Very professional demeanor and you really get what is promised. Since ADS tracking was integrated, sales have been going up again! I can only recommend it to everyone who works in e-commerce - an absolute MUST!
Eyup KaravarEyup Karavar
12:47 18 Jan 22
One of the service providers who know their craft, now it doesn't matter with iOS 14.5 users or other blocked apps, the data comes in full and shows exactly where we need it, a reduction in advertising costs and an increase in sales exceeded all expectations !
Anton PerlAnton Perl
12:01 18 Jan 22
I really have to thank you! Getting reliable numbers for your ads and that across platforms is really nothing to be taken for granted today! We were all the more grateful when we heard about the Ads tracking service. All of our tracking problems have now been permanently fixed. I can recommend the guys from Ads- Highly recommend tracking. They have a fast and reliable solution ready for what feels like every problem and can be reached immediately at any time. An all-round perfect service so far - keep it up!
boss bossboss boss
11:41 18 Jan 22
Great keep it up. Top facility super data everything as desired

companies we serve

Ramseyer 2
Starbucks 2
Zurich White Airport
Newhome White
Banknow Weiss
Sanitas 2012 1
Furniture 2016 1st
Hilding Anders White
Edelweiss 2014 1
Valais 2
Dieci White 1
Wingo White
Helsana White

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