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Success in online marketing requires clever solutions, especially in the face of ad blockers and tracking restrictions. Discover Server Side Tracking - our innovative answer that enables precise data measurement and an optimized marketing strategy even in challenging times. Increase your ROI together with us. Let us take your success to the next level!

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(As of: 13. Juni 2024)

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Sales uplift of our customers through server side tracking optimization in the last 12 months.


Additional results from our clients over the last 12 months.

Take your business to the next level with ads tracking

Optimize your success through comprehensive data collection using server-side tracking

Improve your decision making and increase your success rate by using server side tracking. Capture precise key performance indicators (KPIs) and optimize them to gain a comprehensive view of your data and maximize your potential for success.

Optimized conversions for maximum return on sales

Increase your return on sales by optimizing your conversions through complete tracking. Correct tracking allows you to better train the algorithm and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, ultimately leading to more sales for the same budget. Invest in full tracking of your conversions and improve your bottom line.

Gain a competitive advantage by using server tracking

Although the use of server side tracking is not yet widespread, it offers the opportunity to gain a decisive competitive edge. Take advantage of this opportunity now to leave your competition behind.

Achieve maximum efficiency through professional
Implementing your analytics software

Success in online marketing depends on setting up your tracking tools correctly. Make sure your solution captures visitor data accurately and comprehensively, regardless of the technology used.

Learn how you can successfully track your customers and gain deeper insights into their behavior despite ad blockers and iOS 14.

With our innovative server side tracking system, you can now precisely measure and optimize up to 100% of your conversions on Facebook & Co. Take the opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and understand your target group even better. Discover the advantages of our tracking system now and increase the efficiency of your online marketing measures.

Additional data that can be collected
the data trackable
Increase in sales
GDPR compliant

Discover the benefits of ad tracking for your business

  • I need to improve the quality of tracking due to changes in iOS.

  • Ich verwende immer noch native Facebook- oder GA-Integrationen.

  • I still use native Facebook or GA integrations.

    (or does not exist)

  • My existing tracking in GTM, my theme and apps is messed up.

  • I need a better Facebook CAPI setup.

  • My tracking needs to be integrated with my consent provider.

  • I need tracking that is GDPR compliant

  • I don't trust my Google Analytics data (or need GA4).

  • My agency needs me to sort out my tracking for Google Ads, Facebook, GA.

  • I want to use a first-party UserID to recognize returning users without relying on cookies.

  • Facebook is not delivering the performance we want, and I think it could be better.

  • I'm missing conversions in Google Ads, which is affecting performance.

With the introduction of iOS 14 and the increasing use of tracking bans on user devices, it has become more difficult to obtain accurate data on ad performance. This has dire consequences: Without exact control, tracking, and optimization of campaigns, meaningful planning of advertising campaigns cannot take place.

Imagine that out of 10 sales, only 3 are displayed. This leads to budgets being wasted by customers because there is no way to accurately determine which ad led to which result.

The consequences are expensive: Ineffective ads are not recognized and therefore unnecessarily continued, while the campaigns that actually lead to revenue cannot be refined because they simply are not recognized.

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The challenge of modern tracking

In the digital era, accurate data collection is challenging. Adblockers, privacy settings, and other factors can interfere with data collection.

Our Server Side Tracking solution offers a robust answer to these challenges. It is less susceptible to interference and provides more precise and complete data.

The chart shows how different factors affect tracking and how our Server Side Tracking compares.

Effectiveness of Tracking

based on different technologies

Tracking losses (in %)
Tracking without GDPR
Cookie Consent
Adblockers etc.
iOS Firefox Safari etc.
Google Chrome