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Rely on server-side tracking!

The key to successful online marketing lies in the performance of your ads. However, with the increasing use of ad blockers and tracking prohibitions on end devices, it can be difficult to collect accurate data and increase your ROI. But don't worry - we have the perfect solution for you: server-side tracking! With our innovative approach, we enable you to collect precise performance data even in times of ad blockers and bans and optimize your online marketing strategy. Let's work together and take your success to the next level!

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The numbers speak for themselves. And for us!
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Revenue uplift of our customers through server-side tracking optimization in the last 12 months.


Additional results achieved by our customers in the last 12 months.

Take your business to the next level with Ads-Tracking

Optimize your success through comprehensive data collection with the help of server-side tracking

Improve your decision-making and increase your success rate by utilizing server-side tracking. Capture accurate key performance indicators (KPIs) and optimize them to gain a comprehensive view of your data and fully exploit your potential for success.

Optimized conversions for maximum revenue return

Increase your revenue return by optimizing your conversions through complete data capture. Accurate data capture allows you to better train the algorithm and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, ultimately resulting in more revenue at the same budget. Invest in the complete capture of your conversions and improve your business results.

Gain a competitive advantage through the use of server tracking

Although the use of server-side tracking is not yet widespread, it offers the opportunity to gain a decisive advantage in competition. Take advantage of this opportunity now to leave your competition behind.

Find out how you can successfully track your customers despite ad blockers and iOS 14 and gain deeper insights into their behavior.

With our innovative server-side tracking system, you can now measure and optimize up to 100% of your conversions in Facebook & Co accurately. Seize the opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and better understand your target audience. Discover the benefits of our tracking system now and increase the efficiency of your online marketing measures.

Additional collectable data
data trackable

Discover the benefits of Ads-Tracking for your business

  • checkboxI need to improve tracking quality due to iOS 14 and 15

  • checkboxI want to maximize conversion accuracy

  • checkboxMy agency needs me to fix my tracking for Google Ads, Facebook, GA

  • checkboxMy data layer for Google Tag Manager is a mess

  • checkboxI need GDPR-compliant tracking

  • checkboxI don't trust my Google Analytics data

With the introduction of iOS 14 and the increasing use of tracking restrictions on user devices, it has become more difficult to obtain accurate data on ad performance. This has serious consequences: Without precise control, tracking, and optimization of campaigns, there can be no meaningful planning of ad campaigns.

Imagine that only 3 out of 10 sales are displayed. This results in budgets being wasted by customers because there is no way to accurately determine which advertisement led to which result.

The consequences are expensive: Ineffective ad placements are not recognized and therefore unnecessarily continued, while the campaigns that actually lead to revenues cannot be refined because they simply are not recognized.

Contact us to learn more about ads tracking.

The challenge of modern tracking

In the digital age, accurate data capture is a challenge. Adblockers, privacy settings, and other factors can impair data collection.

Our server-side tracking solution offers a robust answer to these challenges. It is less susceptible to disruptions and delivers more accurate and comprehensive data.

The diagram shows how various factors affect tracking and how our server-side tracking compares.


Flawless integration of
analysis tools for optimal results

The effectiveness of tracking solutions depends on careful implementation. Ensure the correct capture of user data on every page of your website and benefit from reliable insights that drive your growth.

Now take advantage of server-side tracking

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Accelerate daily reporting

Don't spend any time creating formulas and collecting data in Excel documents. Get access to powerful dashboards that display all KPIs about your media buying and the performance of your partners in real-time.

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Measure your multi-channel advertising

Monitor the source of your traffic in an easy and uncomplicated way. Identify which visits turn into conversions, allocate the budget to what works best, and eliminatewasted advertising spend.

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Overcome the challenge of cookie blindness

The decline of third-party cookies makes accurate tracking and attribution difficult, if not impossible. With Ads-Tracking's cookielesstracking solution, you fill in the gaps and gain full control over the performance of every step in your customers' journey.

Achieve maximum efficiency through professional
implementation of your analysis software

Success in online marketing depends on the correctsetup of your tracking tools. Make sure your solution accurately and comprehensively captures visitor data, regardless of the technology used.

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Improve your ad performance with our server-side tracking solution

Are you having trouble getting accurate data from your ad performance? With the increasing use of ad blockers and the default tracking prohibition on end devices, it can be difficult to obtain accurate data. Our solution: server-side tracking.

With server-side tracking, we can securely capture up to 100% of all data, regardless of browser settings. This allows us to quickly identify dead ads and invest the freed-up budget in promising campaigns and channels. The result is improved overall performance and an increase in your revenues.

Our company is specialized in setting up server-side tracking quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively for all common shop systems and websites. We guarantee that our service is 100% compliant with the law.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you improve your ad performance and increase your revenues. Let's work together to solve your tracking problems and take your online marketing strategy to the next level. We look forward to hearing from you.

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