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Significant data loss

The quality of your data is decreasing. The actual data differs from the data in your ad accounts and analytics. The customer journey deviates from the one attributed.

Impact of iOS, adblockers and more

iOS14 had a significant impact, but GDPR and the end of third-party cookies will have even greater consequences.

Potential dangers

'Alternatives' such as GTM Server-Side, Hyros, Shopify CAPI, Tracify and similar are potential risks in your operations.

Complaints from AdManagers

It's not your fault if your ROAS is not satisfactory and your AdAccount is reporting bad data. After all, you are using all the options available to you.

CMP and tag management

You use consent modes, but are unsure how, for example, GTM can be loaded without consent and whether you are allowed to track everything afterwards (both are illegal).

GDPR penalties

Fines can be up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual turnover, plus personal liability. The risk is too high for forward-looking companies.


Up to 100% more data for your company

Life-saving solutions for advertisers

  • We understand the challenges advertisers face.
  • With Bünyamin Alirkilicarslan, our managing director, who has himself invested several hundred thousand euros in online advertising, and our technical know-how, we have created the ideal conditions.
  • Bünyamin has been working in the digital industry for over a decade and was the German champion in IT Software Solutions for Business in 2017.
  • He recognized the trend of data loss even before iOS14 and helped himself and his customers to improve their data through his own solutions.
  • Shortly after the introduction of iOS14, the cries for help from friends and partners were so loud that he changed his business model and now offers server side tracking outside of his WhatsApp customer base.
  • He has successfully helped not only himself but also many other companies to get their online tracking under control again.

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We provide world-class server side tracking services that help our clients optimize their online advertising.



Our server side tracking has helped increase our clients’ growth through improved data quality and accuracy.



We have successfully completed over 550+ projects, helping to optimize our clients' online advertising and increase their conversions.

Why is ADS-Tracking So great?

ADS-Tracking offers a number of features to help you track your web pages more effectively and optimize your data. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

Bypassing iOS, AdBlocker, etc.

With Ads tracking, you can once again track users on iOS, Safari, AdBlock, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and other platforms. Your data volume will increase significantly. Remember: data is the new gold!

Future-proof despite the end of 3rd party cookies

From 2024, Chrome, which currently has a market share of around 55%, will also block 3rd party cookies, similar to how Firefox and other browsers already do. We will support you in the transition to server side tracking so that your tracking continues to work.

Improved page speed

Your website no longer needs to load hundreds of tracking scripts. A single tracking script that captures the data and sends it to the first-party server is enough. The server does the rest.

Tracking without "cookie consent"

With Ads Tracking, you can track users even if they have not given consent via the CMP – all in compliance with the GDPR.

Complete customer journey

Ads tracking allows you to accurately track users from start to finish. They won't be considered two or more users just because they come from different platforms, are active on different days, or use tracking blockers.

Clear tracking

Finally, you have a clear overview of your tracking strategy without hundreds of different triggers, events, tools and scripts scattered everywhere.

Own data collection and enrichment

With first-party tracking, you collect and own the data yourself. You can enhance it through data enrichment and distribute it in a coordinated manner. It also serves as your data archive for future AI applications, data imports/exports, and more.

GDPR compliant tracking

You no longer have to worry about GDPR violations. In the event of future judgments, you can sit back and relax without getting a headache.

The challenge of modern tracking

In the digital era, accurate data collection is challenging. Adblockers, privacy settings, and other factors can interfere with data collection.

Our Server Side Tracking solution offers a robust answer to these challenges. It is less susceptible to interference and provides more precise and complete data.

The chart shows how different factors affect tracking and how our Server Side Tracking compares.

Effectiveness of Tracking

based on different technologies

Tracking losses (in %)
Tracking without GDPR
Cookie Consent
Adblockers etc.
iOS Firefox Safari etc.
Google Chrome

Highest data security:
Server Side Tracking protects your valuable data from manipulation and security risks by processing it directly on your own server. This way, you retain full control over your data and ensure the highest possible security.
More precise data analysis:
Thanks to server-side data collection, you receive more accurate and complete information about user behavior. Avoid data loss due to browser restrictions or ad blockers and make informed decisions based on reliable data.
Increased performance and speed:
With server side tracking, you reduce the load on your users' browsers, which leads to faster loading times and improved performance of your website. This can have a positive impact on both the user experience and search engine rankings.
Product screenshot

GDPR compliance:
Server Side Tracking enables you to operate in a data protection compliant manner by keeping data transfer and processing of personal information within the boundaries of your own infrastructure. Protect yourself and your customers from data breaches and legal problems.
Flexibility and adaptability:
Adapt server side tracking to your individual needs and integrate it seamlessly into your existing systems and processes. This flexibility enables you to make your web analytics and marketing strategies more efficient and effective.
Independence from third parties:
With server-side tracking, you are not dependent on external tracking providers and can maintain your data sovereignty. Benefit from increased independence and reduce dependence on third parties who may pursue their own interests.
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The best analysis software is useless
if it is implemented incorrectly.

Regardless of whether the tools are cookie-based, work via IP addresses or canvas fingerprinting: First, it must be ensured that the tracking solution correctly records users on all pages.