Optimize your digital growth with intelligent tracking concepts

A successful digital strategy starts with a thorough analysis of your web analytics and online marketing data. By using advanced tracking methods, you can make your digital marketing more effective and make decisions based on facts instead of gut feeling.

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Efficient. Economically. Transparent. This is what we have stood for as an online tracking provider since 2017.

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Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Add GTM to your Shopify store within a minute and get a ready-to-use GTM container, tailored exactly to your store.

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Google Analytics (GA4 + Universal)

Set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce with many custom dimensions and metrics.

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Advanced data layers

Extended data layers for all available events and data.
Click here for a full breakdown.

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Google Ads conversions

Set up micro and macro conversions, get all sales data and prepare remarketing in your Google Ads account.

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Facebook pixel events

Get all the important events in your Facebook pixel along with your dynamic retargeting lists.

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30+ integrations

With our advanced DataLayers and GTM Setup you can integrate Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok and many other platforms.

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Server-side tagging

Full server-side tagging setup including server-side GTM, Analytics, Google Ads and FB Conversion API.

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FB Conversion API

All events for FB CAPI are included in our server-side tagging add-on with an event match rate of over 8.8.

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World Class Support

We're here to help with our customer success team, data specialists and developers.


Experience in all major marketing disciplines

  • Google Tag Manager 100% 100%
  • Google Ads 100% 100%
  • Facebook 95% 95%
  • Tracking, analysis and controlling 100% 100%
  • Conversion Optimization 90% 90%
Google tag manager

A complete Google Tag Manager setup

Ads-Tracking inserts GTM and data layers into your Shopify store within a few days and gets a ready-to-use GTM container, tailored exactly to your store.

  • ZDone for you: setup option where we set everything up for you
  • ZGoogle Analytics (GA4 + UA), Google Ads, Facebook Pixel and many others
  • ZReady-made GTM container with the most important tags, triggers and variables
  • ZCustomized special solutions possible
  • ZTesting & Data Validation
Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics

Ads Tracking offers a full Google Analytics setup with many custom reports, dimensions and metrics.

  • ZThe recently launched new Google Analytics: GA4
  • ZMultiple analytics properties (GA4 + Universal Analytics)
  • ZCustom dimensions, metrics and reports
  • ZUser metrics such as user newness, type, frequency, etc.
  • ZTesting & Data Validation
Google Analytics
data analytics

Advanced Data Layers

Ads tracking offers advanced data layers covering all available data and events. The data layers are perfectly structured and connected to Google Tag Manager as custom triggers and variables.
All of these variables are associated with the correlated events. The data layers are perfectly structured and connected to Google Tag Manager as custom triggers and variables.

product level order level user level
product name Order ID UserID
Product Category Order total price UserType
Product SKU/ID Order shipping price User Recency
Product Google Feed ID Order Tax user frequency
ProductType Order coupon code User Monetary (Total Spent)
Product Category payment type User Order Count
product brand Payment Currency User Email (hashed)
Product total price User First Name
Product shipping price UserLastName
Product Quantity UserPhone
Product tax UserAddress
Category/Collection Name User Zip Code

Category/Collection ID User City/Province/Country

event name triggers Data
Global All Pages Page level, user level
Product Impression Collection/Category pages Product-level data of all products impressed

Product click Product Click in any listing product level
product detail Single product page product level
Add to cart A product added to the cart Cart details (including products)
Initiate Checkout Started checkout steps Cart details (including products)
Check out steps All checkout steps* Cart details (including products)
Purchase Thank you page Order details, user-level data, products
Google Analytics

Google Ads Remarketing & Conversions

Google Ads integration is crucial for good performance. Ads tracking strengthens your Google Ads setup by connecting data layers and all available data via Google Tag Manager.

  • ZRemarketing setup tags
  • Zevent tracking
  • Zconversion tracking
  • Zproduct views
  • ZTesting & Data Validation
Google Analytics
Facebook pixel

Facebook Pixel Events

Get all the important events in your Facebook pixel along with your dynamic retargeting lists.

  • Zevent tracking. (add to cart, checkout, buy)
  • Zproduct views.
  • Zconversion tracking.
  • ZTesting & Data Validation.
Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio report

One report to rule them all! We are preparing a customized Google Data Studio report where you can see all the important metrics in one place. The report contains:

  • ZBest/worst performing products.
  • ZBest/worst performing campaigns.
  • ZGeographic Analysis.
  • ZEcommerce Funnel.
  • ZMany other important metrics.
Google Data Studio
data analytics

Audit and setup of data analytics

Our team will be happy to review your current data analysis and set it up according to your individual requirements at no additional cost.

  • ZData analysis health check for your accounts
  • ZAnalyze the Done-For-You setup option
  • ZCustomized, unique solutions for your needs
  • ZTesting & Data Validation
  • We also provide you with a video recording of our data specialists walking you through your setup and showing you how it works
data analytics

The best analysis software brings nothing if you incorrectly implemented is. It doesn't matter whether the tools are cookie-based, use IP addresses or canvas fingerprinting: First of all, it must be ensured that the tracking solution correctly records the users on all pages.

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This is an analytics powerhouse of a service. Amazing people who deliver everything. The best investment we've made in understanding how our businesses are performing.

jessica doe

it department, Airport Zurich AG


Our shop has a complex setup with some external domains. Ads tracking worked great with Google Tag Manager and Analytics 4. The support also helped us a lot with cross-domain tracking.

Anne Spies

Investor Relations Manager, Hornbach


These guys are the real deal; We had provided everything to fix our Google Analytics tracking issues with our Shopify store but nothing worked. Not only did they fix GA tracking, they also set up GA4. Just unbelievable.

Mathias Tier

marketing, Starbucks