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Server-side tracking

Web analytics and online marketing data are the basis for digital growth. Only those who analyze the data can effectively optimize digital marketing. In our agency, facts count instead of gut feelings!

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Take your business to the next level with ads tracking

Measurably more success for your customers

With serverside tracking, you're suddenly seeing 99% of data again. KPIs can be tracked correctly again and potential for improvement can be fully exploited.

Significantly more sales for the same budget

By fully recording the conversions, the algorithm can learn and optimize better. As a result, you achieve better sales with the same budget.

More than a nose ahead of the competition

Server-side tracking is not very common yet. If you do it now, you may be able to gain an important competitive advantage.


The problem has existed for a long time that users who use an ad blocker could not be tracked. With server-side tracking, it is now possible again to measure almost 99% of conversions in Facebook & Co.


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If this sounds familiar, you need ads tracking

  • ZI need to improve tracking quality due to iOS 14 and 15
  • ZI want to maximize conversion accuracy
  • ZMy agency needs me to correct my tracking for Google Ads, Facebook, GA
  • ZMy data layer for Google Tag Manager is a mess
  • ZI need tracking that is GDPR compliant
  • ZI don't trust my Google Analytics data

Exact data from the ad performance are since iOS 14 and through the increasing, sometimes even default preset tracking ban hardly available on the end devices of the users. The fatal consequence: this browser tracking represents only a small percentage of the data.

If from 10 sell only 3 are displayed, budgets are inevitably shared by customers squandered, because there is no exact way of controlling, tracking and optimizing the campaigns. That doesn't work sensible Carry out planning of advertising campaigns, because it is not possible to say exactly which advertising goes with which Result has led.

The consequences are expensive: Less effective advertising placements are not recognized and are therefore continued unnecessarily, while the campaigns that are really sales lead cannot be refined because they simply cannot recognized will.

The effective solution to your tracking problem

The ingeniously simple solution is this server-side tracking.
Independent of browser settings, with server-side tracking 95% all data is securely recorded.

This allows dead Easily identify ads as such and the vacant one budget can be used in channels and campaigns that really results bring. An improvement of overall performance and increase in sales with your customers is inevitable.

Our company specializes in that server-side tracking for all common shop systems fast, reliable and inexpensive set up. All 100%, of course legally compliant.

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Take advantage of serverside tracking now

Speed up the reporting function screen

Accelerate daily reporting

Do you spend none time with it formulas to create and data in Excel documents collect. Get access to powerful Dashboards showing all KPIs about yours Media Buying and the performance of your partners in realtime Show.

Multi-channel advertising feature image

Measure your multi-channel advertising

Monitor on simple and uncomplicated way where the traffic is coming from. Recognize which visits to conversions become, point that out budget to what works best, and eliminate she wasted ad spend.

Cookie blindness feature image

Overcome the challenge of cookie blindness

The decline of cookies third-party renders an accurate persecution and assignment difficult, if not impossible. With the cookieless tracking solution from Ads tracking fill in the Gaps and get the full control about the power every step of your customers journey.

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