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with server-side tracking

Ad performance data is critical to the success of your online marketing strategy. However, with the increasing use of adblockers and the default tracking ban on end devices, it can be difficult to obtain accurate data. Our solution: server-side tracking.

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Take your business to the next level with ads tracking

Optimize your success with comprehensive data collection using server-side tracking

Improve your decision-making and increase your success rate by using server-side tracking. Accurately capture and optimize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gain a comprehensive view of your data and maximize your potential for success.

Optimized conversions for maximum return on sales

Increase your ROI by optimizing your conversions with full capture. Correct tracking allows you to better train the algorithm and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, ultimately leading to more sales for the same budget. Invest in full conversion tracking and improve your bottom line.

Gain a competitive advantage by using server tracking

Although the use of server-side tracking is not yet widespread, it offers the opportunity to gain a decisive edge over the competition. Use this opportunity now to leave your competition behind.

Find out how you can successfully track your customers and get deeper insights into their behavior despite ad blockers and iOS 14.

With our innovative server-side tracking system, you can now precisely measure and optimize up to 100% of your conversions in Facebook & Co. Take the opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and understand your target group even better. Discover the advantages of our tracking system now and increase the efficiency of your online marketing measures.



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Discover the benefits of ads tracking for your business

  • ZI need to improve tracking quality due to iOS 14 and 15
  • ZI want to maximize conversion accuracy
  • ZMy agency needs me to correct my tracking for Google Ads, Facebook, GA
  • ZMy data layer for Google Tag Manager is a mess
  • ZI need tracking that is GDPR compliant
  • ZI don't trust my Google Analytics data

With the introduction of iOS 14 and the increasing use of Tracking Prohibited on end devices of the users, it has become more difficult accurate dates about the ad performance to obtain. That has fatal consequences: Without exact control, tracking and optimization of the campaigns, no meaningful planning of the advertising campaigns occur.

Imagine from 10 Selling will only 3 displayed. This leads to budgets of customers wasted because there is no way of knowing exactly which advertisements led to which results.

The solution: Ads tracking. With this tool you can track exactly which advertisements successfully is and which are not. This is how you can manage your campaigns make it more effective and increase sales.

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Improve your ad performance with our server-side tracking solution

Do you have difficulties exact data from your ad performance to obtain? With the increasing use of adblockers and the default tracking ban on terminals it can be difficult to obtain accurate data. Our solution: server-side tracking.

With server-side tracking, we can securely collect up to 100% of all data, regardless of browser settings. This allows us to dead ads to quickly identify and the vacant budget in promising campaigns and channels to invest. The result is improved overall performance and an increase in your sales.

Our company is specialized thereon, server-side tracking fast, Reliable and cost efficient for all common shop systems and Web pages set up. We guarantee you that our service 100% compliant is.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you ad performance improve and increase your sales. Let's share yours tracking issues solve and your Online Marketing Strategy take to the next level. We are happily looking forward to hearing from you.

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Take advantage of serverside tracking now

Speed up the reporting function screen

Accelerate daily reporting

Do you spend none time with it formulas to create and data in Excel documents collect. Get access to powerful Dashboards showing all KPIs about yours Media Buying and the performance of your partners in realtime Show.

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Measure your multi-channel advertising

Monitor on simple and uncomplicated way where the traffic is coming from. Recognize which visits to conversions become, point that out budget to what works best, and eliminate she wasted ad spend.

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Overcome the challenge of cookie blindness

The decline of cookies third-party renders an accurate persecution and assignment difficult, if not impossible. With the cookieless tracking solution from Ads tracking fill in the Gaps and get the full control about the power every step of your customers journey.

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